Yes, you can enjoy safe and legal gambling in the United States.

Casino, sports-betting and poker operators in the US now offer online and mobile gambling.  There are also State Lotteries, Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) and Casino Sweepstakes offered online.  Amongst the licensed providers, in regulated states, you can find partnerships of the top land-based hotels and casinos, alongside game-technology providers and even global online-gambling providers.   

This ensures that, given you are present in a state where legal, you can enjoy legal, safe and world-class online gambling.

Following sections go into greater detail on where it is legal to gamble online, how to gamble and more.

Online gambling in legal in several states in the US, whilst other states are in advance stages of passing bills and making it legal.

Online Casino is now legal in New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Online Poker is currently legal in New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware and Pennsylvania. 

Online Sports Betting is available in New Jersey, Nevada, West Virginia, Iowa, Indiana and Pennsylvania.

As said, many states are already in advance stages of passing bills that will legalize online gambling of various types.  Please check our state map and legal sections for more updates on your state.

Yes there are.  Unfortunately, there offshore sites that enable you to gamble and place bets online from the United States.  These sites however are not legal to operate, not regulated and thus do not adhere to the strict state-licensing and do not comply with the standards of player safety, security technology, and anti-money laundering.  We will never recommend, promote or advertise such sites, and strongly advise against you using them.

It is easy to tell whether an online-gambling website is operating legally.  Scroll down to footer of the website, where all other site information is present (contact details, terms and conditions, etc.).  If the site is legal and regulated, you will see the logo of the state’s gambling regulator.  For example, for New Jersey it is the “Division of Gaming Enforcement”, for Pennsylvania it is the “Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board”, for Indiana it’s the “Indiana Gaming Commission”, etc.          

Note, that many offshore gambling sites that are accessible in the US and accept players from the United States may present some regulatory credentials from a body or jurisdiction outside of the country.  Keep in mind these sites operate illegally in the United States and are not safe.  Only sites that have a valid, state-regulated license are legal.   

Yes, in order to gamble online through a site or app that is regulated by a particular state, you will need to be physically present within that respective state.  You do not have to be a state resident however, you can gamble online as a visitor as well.

There are three main ways to gamble online: using a full-scale gambling website, using your personal computer; using a mobile-responsive website, which is customized for use via mobile devices (both tablets and phones); and a native mobile app for gambling (again, through your smartphone or any other mobile device. 

Creating an account is straight forward.  Go to the “registration” or “sign up” page on the gambling app or website, and enter your personal details as required.  All your details and information should be protected and compliant, which is why it is important to check the casino, sportsbook or poker credentials and make sure you are using only the regulated and legal online-gambling websites and apps.

Also, check the privacy policy and terms and conditions of the gambling website or app you are registering with, it can be found at the bottom of most online gambling websites, and can be easily accessed via the main menu usually for mobile apps.  It will provide you with all the detail and information you need to know.

Once you decided which online casino, sports-betting or poker app/website you would like to use, and you created a user account with that site or app, go to the “deposit” or “banking” page, where you will find a wide array of secure payment options, which you can use to deposit real money into your casino, sports betting or poker account, and also withdrawal later on your winnings.   Have a close look at the payment methods and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Yes absolutely.  Legal online sports-betting, poker and casino apps are regulated by the states’ gambling regulatory bodies, and this also includes compliance with the highest standard of banking, handling your money and anti-money laundering. 

All the money you will deposit through a sports-betting, poker or casino app or website is reported processed and held in separate funds to the operators’ company balances.  This is to assure that your funds are protected at any given time, even if the company undergoes difficulties and doesn’t have enough money to pay its customers from its own cash. 

Be aware however, of illegal online gambling websites, which may look very formal and regulated, however these do not comply with the legal regulations and standards, and therefore your money may not be safe with them.

Yes, be it a multi-million dollar jackpot you won in an online casino slot game, many thousands of dollars you won on some great parlay bets over a good weekend, or some handsome win in a poker table or tournament – when gambling online using legal sites and apps, be it sports betting, poker or casino, your winnings will be paid.  When it comes to legal sportsbook, casino and poker online and mobile sites and apps, it is as sure and safe as collecting your winnings from a land-based casino.

Every legal sports-betting, poker and casino app and website operator also needs to deposit money in holding funds that will cover prizes and big winnings shall they occur.   However, this isn’t always the case for illegal online gambling operators, so again beware of scams and before depositing money and betting – always check the certifications and credentials of the casino, sports betting or poker app you are about to use online. 

Yes of course.  One thing to keep in mind is the bonus you will receive as a new customer.  Usually casino, sports-betting and poker apps and websites will offer hefty and attractive bonuses to new users, and you do not want to miss these!!  Information about your bonuses can usually be found in the “Promotions” section on the online casino, poker or sports-betting websites and apps.

Many of the US legal casinos operate under partnerships with the top land-based casino and global online casino technology companies.  So that means that you get the best of both worlds when playing online on a casino website or casino app – both playing comfortably from your phone or computer, at any time, from wherever you are (where it’s legal of course); and also enjoying the best and newest casino games in the marketplace.

Online casino apps and websites offer you hundreds (and sometimes thousands of games), including the latest and world-leading slot games.  This includes: classic slots, video slots, and of course progressive-jackpot games.  Table games such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat and more in many variations; video poker and most also offer a huge selection of live-dealer games where you can join a live table with other players and see your game in a live studio; scratch cards and arcade games, and more.

There are endless variations of poker you can play online for free against others, many on practice and play-for-fun modes in legal USA online poker sites and mobile poker apps also.  However there are mostly four main setups to play online for real money in legal online poker sites and apps in the US.  There are the traditional Cash Games, where you play for chips that have money value; Poker tournaments where you buy a stack of chips and the game lasts until the winner is the player that wins all the chips; Sit and Go (SNG) Tournaments that start once the a number of seats are filled, and Fast Fold Poker where players are combined into pools. 

Different games vary in speed, stakes, table sizes, betting format and more.  The main game variants of online poker are Texas Hold ‘em and Omaha of different limits and versions.

The USA legal online sports-betting websites and sportsbook mobile apps offers bets on many professional sports, both American and International.  You can place bets on most of the major college sports and events such as College Football and Basketball games and NCAA bowl games. American league sports offered on US online and mobile betting sites include the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL as well as regional and lower-tier leagues.  You can also bet on American Major League Soccer (MLS) which is the fastest-growing spectator sport in the USA.  There are also many international sports on offer such as World Soccer, Rugby, Motorsports, Golf, Tennis, Darts and much more.        

Once selecting the sport and event you are looking to bet on, you can chose from the many types of bets that are available for online US sports-betting sites and apps.  The bets available are Point Spreads, Over/Under, MoneyLine, Futures, Parlays, Teasers, Prop Bets, Live Betting, Cash Outs and more.