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Welcome to BestAppBet

Welcome to legal online gambling in the USA! You can now place a bet on your favorite sports, play the latest casino games, or join a table for a game of poker. And you can do it using your phone, tablet or PC. Online gambling is now legal in several states in the US, and many more are now regulating remote betting, casino and betting as we speak. So you can find here at BestAppBet your preferred sports-betting, casino or poker app for your mobile phone, or your favorite gambling website, and join in on the fun and excitement at any time, from anywhere.

Are you feeling lucky and itching to play some roulette or blackjack? Do you want to place a bet on your team’s big game? Join a game of poker, spin the slots or play on live dealer tables? There’s no need to plan, book, drive and go visit the casino or racetrack. BestAppBet brings you all the wonderful world of online gambling to your smartphone, mobile device or computer.

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Is it Safe to Bet Online?

Yes it is safe. BestAppBet only advertises and reviews sports betting and casino apps and websites that are legal, licensed and regulated. All of these operators are subject to ongoing reporting, testing and compliance measures. This includes customer checks and age verification, financial and banking compliance, problem-gambling prevention rules, player safety, data and privacy protection, technical infrastructure compliance and much more.

So, as long as you comply with rules and regulations, know your limits and bet legally and on a legally-approved sports betting, casino or poker app or website – it should be as safe as betting and playing in a land-based casino. 

Is it Legal to Bet and Gamble Online?

Yes, sports betting, casino and poker online are legal in the United States. However, it will still depend on which State you are currently located in. Many of the states have legalized online sports betting (see detailed map and list below), and more are now regulating online betting and gambling, so it should soon be legal in many more states. Still, you will need to be located in a state where it’s legal in order to place a bet on sports or a wager in a casino online. You don’t have to live in the state or have any ties to it, just be located within state borders when you are placing a bet.

In Which States is Betting and Gambling Online Legal?


Legal online gambling

Blue Rectangle

Legal gambling of some sort

Red Rectangle

Legalization pending or expected


No action taken

New Jersey state seal

New Jersey is one of the states that took the lead in online and mobile sports-betting in the US. Governor Phil Murphy signed the bill which made sports betting legal in the Garden State in June 2018, and the first legal mobile and online bets were placed in July of that year. New Jersey online Casino and Poker Sites have been active since November 2013. New Jersey is considered by many the leader of the back when it comes to online sports betting, casino and poker. The State has surpassed Nevada in online gambling revenues already, and offers no less than 18 sports-betting apps and websites, 24 online casinos and 6 online poker sites to choose from.

pennsylvania state seal

Pennsylvania On May 28th, 2019, the first online sportsbook was opened in the State of Pennsylvania. The SugarHouse Sportsbook Betting Mobile App was the first in line to test, get approved and launch its remote-gambling offering in the Keystone State. Since then, several other online sportsbooks went live including DraftKings, FanDuel, Caesars, Unibet and more sports-betting apps. And, there are several more sports-betting and casino operators that are now in the pipeline.

Indiana state seal

Indiana Once the bill was signed into law in May 2019, Indiana launched its first online sportsbooks on September 1st, with Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb placing the first bets in the state. BetRivers and DraftKings sportsbooks launching first. FanDual was the third to join the party, and in October 2019 also launched its’ sports-betting app in the Hoosier State. There is a long list of both local and international sportsbook operators in the pipeline that are getting ready to launch their sports-betting apps and websites. This respectable list includes 888, Bet365, BetAmerica, Caesars, Fox Bet and more.

Nevada state seal
Nevada Being the synonymous name for gambling for decades, Nevada has been around the gambling and sports-betting arena longer than all of the States. In 1992, Nevada became the only state to offer legal single-game wagering. Other states have challenge the federal ban outside of Nevada, eventually reaching the US Supreme Court, and in May 14, 2018 the ban was lifted and more states could begin offering sports betting. Still, being the godfather of sports betting and gambling, Nevada offers in addition to physical, land-based casinos and sportsbooks also a wide selection of online sports-betting apps.
West Virginia state seal

West Virginia legalized sport betting in September 2018. It first approved sports betting on the premises of its land-based casinos. However in August 2019 the FanDual and DrafKings sportsbooks which for now are the only two that offer a sports-betting mobile app and online website.

Rohde island state seal
Rohde Island Rhode Island’s Governor Gina Raimondo signed in March 2019 to legalize online sports betting. Currently the mobile sports-betting app and online sports-betting website are run by the states lottery and in partnership with UK Bookmaker William Hill who provides the sports-betting app technology.
Iowa state seal

Iowa legalized online and land-based sports betting recently, with the first online and retail sportsbooks have gone live in August 2019. Betting can be done online and on your sports-betting mobile apps, but the first registration needs to be in-person.

Sports Betting and Gambling on the Go

Like us at BestAppBet, you are probably passionate about sports betting, casino, poker, or maybe all of the above. Whether it was a planned holiday or spontaneous visit, we used to have to pack our stuff, get into the car or catch a bus, train or flight, and invest precious time and money to head down to the casino, racetrack or betting parlour (and that’s not money spend on gambling even). These days are now long gone, and using your phone, mobile device or computer, you can tap into the fun at any time, and from anywhere.

As several states have already made it legal to gamble online, and many more are now working on legalizing and regulating it, the remote-gambling revolution is here, and many of the world-renowned casinos and sports-betting operators are joining the revolution. This, by working closely with the states’ authorities to apply for their licenses and make sure that their operations, service and infrastructure are all at the top standard. All for providing you with the best mobile sports betting and gambling experience you will ever have.

Sports Betting and Gambling on Your PC – Using Websites

If you are looking to enjoy the large screen and best resolution, the comfort of the optimal browsing experience with all the features, menus, options and buttons laid out nicely in front of you, then a legal online gambling website is for you. Let’s admit it, we all have tablets, and we can do more and more with our mobile phones these days. Still, for many of us our personal computer or Laptop are still the go-to devices when looking to enjoy the optimal online-browsing experience. Most online sports-betting and casino operators are fully aware of their customer preferences, and thus provide you with the ability to place your sports bets, or play casino and poker games whilst enjoying the full features, menus, tables, odds and games laid in front of your eyes.

Browse BestAppBet to compare and find the best sports bettingcasino and poker websites.

Sports Betting and Gambling on Your Mobile Device – Using Mobile Websites

As the world is becoming smaller and we are all becoming busier, many of us are constantly on the move, either for business or pleasure. If you are looking to add some excitement to your day in the office by placing some bets, check the latest sports scores and how your bets and odds are doing, play a hand of poker with friends on the go, or you are chilling on your sofa at home and feel like checking out the new casino game that just came out. You can enjoy the fun of sports betting and gambling from wherever you are, and at any time.

Every licenced US operator that has a website for sports betting, casino or poker, will usually also have a great mobile-customized site, which is adjusted for you to visit and use on either your tablet of phone. You will find the the essential features, options, games and menus that you would if using your PC, but everything is optimized for you to have the best user experience on your mobile device. And the great thing being, you won’t need to have another username, account or balance to use your mobile device for sports betting and gambling. Switch between your PC and mobile devices, and as long as you are log in securely, your information, bets, fund balances, preferences, and even bonuses are all available to you!

Search BestAppBet to find the best sports bettingcasino and poker mobile sites.

Sports Betting and Gambling on Your Mobile Device – Using Apps

With the smartphone and mobile revolution, sports betting, casino, poker and even bingo have changed dramatically. As mentioned above, using your mobile phone or tablet enables you to browse and access sports-betting, casino and poker mobile-customized websites that are optimized for your mobile device.

However, if you really want to take things to the next level and enjoy the amazing experience of legal sports-betting and gambling to the fullest, you should go to the app store and download an application to your phone or tablet.

Nearly all the sportbook, casino and poker operators that are licensed in the US have developed for the regulated American marketplace the most amazing mobile applications, which are available to download for both iOS and Android devices, through either the app store, but for some through their online-gambling websites.

Apps for sports betting, casino and poker were built with the most-advanced features, and the seamless, slick and sophisticated-yet-functional user experience. The user interface of many of these apps is no less than beautiful – with custom-designed menus, screens and lobbies, special new features that are available only for app users, and even special bonuses and promotions that are available only on your sports-betting or casino app.

Once you download the app it will be there on your phone, with all your preferences set up, and it will be a click away anytime. Would you like to place a quick bet? Check your betting slips, see how much you won, check results of your favorite teams and sports events? It’s all there in your app, just a click and swipe away.

And to make things even better – these amazing sports-bettingcasino and poker apps are free!!

Finding Your Best App – With BestAppBet

We at BestAppBet are passionate about Gambling, Technology and Writing. BestAppBet is where we merged our passions, so we can review for you all of the sports betting, casino and poker websites and mobile apps in the market, rate them, explain the in detail the pros and cons of each, and thus make sure you find the best, legal gambling website or mobile app for you.

We, at BestAppBet have written for you a guide on how to choose the best online sport book mobile betting app.  And also a guide on how to choose your best online casino app.  Read these guides carefully as there are a lot of different things to pay attention to.

How We Review Websites and Apps

Our BestAppBet team of reviewers takes the job very seriously. And the first step before writing a review about a sports-betting, casino or poker app or website is to research the operator, be it a local sportsbook operator, land-based casino, or international online gambling giant – BestAppBet will first check the background of the company, its experience in the online field, partners, which license it operates under, etc. We will then write for you everything you will need to know about who’s behind the website and mobile gambling app.

The BestAppBet team will then register and create an account, and of course write about how easy, or complicated it was to register. Similarly, we will walk you through the deposit process and list the options available for deposit. Then, we will list in great detail all the sports markets that are available on that particular sports betting app, which types of bets are available, the odds, different promotions, and everything else you will need to know about how to place a bet on that particular sports betting app.

The BestAppBet team will also place bets on different sports and through different options, and will write what we liked about the using this particular sports-betting app, and also list problems we had and things that BestAppBet thinks need to be improved.

When reviewing the casino and poker apps and websites, in addition to all the steps described above of registration and deposit, BestAppBet will also review the lobby, look at the quality of the games, variety of games offered, tournaments and tables offered for poker, and more.

Our BestAppBet team of reviewers will also play and test the connectivity and overall user experience, contact customer support and write about the response times and professionalism and helpfulness, and also review the rewards and promotions.

So overall, the BestAppBet team works very hard to comb every sports-betting, poker and casino website and app, to be able to bring you the ultimate experience whilst placing bets online on sports and playing online on casino and poker. Our dedicated BestAppBet team of will leave no stone unturned in the search for the best sports betting and casino app for you.

The BestAppBet Rating Systems

We at BestAppBet believe that the devil is in the detail. Thus, for you to make the most educated decision when choosing what sports betting, casino or poker app, you will need to know as much as you can about these gambling apps and websites in order to make a comparison and pick out the best one for you.

So to make things easier for you to select your best mobile app or website, BestAppBet created a structured rating-system that goes through each section of the sports betting, casino or poker app, and provides a detailed review and conclusions for each specific topic.

Starting with a background review of the sports betting or casino provider itself, you will be able to find background information on how long they have been operating online, their partners, remote-gambling license, technology and content suppliers, and more.

BestAppBet will then provide you with a review on the app and website’s user interface, menus, functions, features, look and feel and overall user experience.

If you are looking for a legal online sportsbook, BestAppBet will follow with dedicated sections for sports-betting apps and websites that will list the various betting markets (that is: sports, leagues, events, etc.), and the different types of bets available to place with each sports-betting app. We will also let you know about the different combinations and how attractive and frequent they are (e.g. bet boosters, parlays, etc.). In the casino app and website reviews, BestAppBet will list the game categories (slots, table games, live dealer, etc.), as well as different game providers and headline titles.

In the poker app and website reviews, BestAppBet will provide detail on the different tables, tournaments and stakes available for you to play on.

For all of the sports-betting, casino and poker apps and websites BestAppBet will also provide detailed reviews of the promotions available to you, both as a new and returning player, the VIP rewards programs offered, customer service, banking methods available for deposit and withdrawal, and much more.

And, if you are still unsure about which app or website to choose, the BestAppBet team will also provide a summary section with the “bottom line”, which is based on their own opinions and experiences.

Gamble Responsibly

The only reason we are here is for fun and entertainment, and you should always remember that as well. Gambling is fun and exciting, and unfortunately some of us can get addicted to that adrenaline rush that comes with winning, whilst others don’t know when to stop when losing and try to gamble that one more time to win it all back.

The BestAppBet team is here to bring you the fun of safe, legal online gambling, but your safety and wellbeing is still above everything else. So when the fun stops, when you think you may have had too much, or when you are starting to find it hard to let go – immediately stop and reach out to one of the support organizations linked at the bottom of the BestAppBet site.

Please Remember to Always Gamble with Your Head, Not Over It.
Golden Nugget Logo
Golden Nugget
Being one of the top casinos in the USA, Golden Nugget are now offering Americans one of the best online casino and sportsbooks for the newly-regulated US online casino and sports betting market. Visit Golden Nugget’s website and download their sports betting app, and within minutes you too can be playing and betting in one of the world’s top casinos – all from the comfort of your own home.
Sugar House Casino Logo

Sugarhouse is owned by Rush Interactive, which is one of the most prominent providers of online sportsbook and casinos in the country. In 2016, SugarHouse launched it online casino in New Jersey, joined by its online sportsbook in 2018. Since then, it became a leading casino and sportsbook for Americans. Check out their fantastic bonuses, games and bets available, and see yourself why when it comes to casino and sports betting in the USA, Sugarhouse is a Powerhouse 

Resorts Online Casino
Resorts Atlantic
Partnered with Resorts Atlantic City Casino, the Resorts online sportsbook and casino launched in January of this year, and has since been making headways in the race to the top of online sports betting operators in the USA. Just like the Resorts Casino in Atlantic City, Resorts brings online and in its sports betting mobile app everything of top market standard: bonuses, odds, betting markets, types of bets and more.


Sports betting has always been an exciting way for fans to buy into the sport, in a way participate and add another dimension of thrill and excitement to the competition, match or any sporting event. With the evolution of remote betting first to phone, and later on to online betting, remote sports-betting not only became available to a wider audience, but also added a whole new level of excitement and magic to sports betting. Today’s mobile sports betting apps, which are readily available on both Android and Apple, are on the front line of technology, and alongside an exceptional slick and user friendly interface, opens to sports betting punters an entire universe of sports events, odds, games and features such as live streaming and in-play betting. Are you into NFL? Are you an NBA fan? Maybe your thing is baseball so you would like to bet on MLB? Or perhaps you are into world sports and want some European Premier Soccer betting? The mobile sports betting apps bring all of this amazing action to your mobile device, so you can bet on what you want, from wherever you are, at any time you choose to.


Are you a casino player? Did you always love casino, the atmosphere, the thrill and excitement, and most importantly the dream and sometimes reality of big winnings? You no longer need to wait for your next trip to Vegas, or wherever it is you are planning to go to a casino. Mobile and remote casino gambling has now entered to US, and it is here to stay. Already live in New Jersey, and closely followed by other states, Americans can now join the fun, download a casino mobile app from one of the top, legal and certified US casinos, and have all the magic of casino from their mobile device. Are you a BlackJack player? Or maybe you are into Roulette? Maybe Baccarat or Craps are your game, or are you a fan of slots? Whichever game is for you, you will find it on the mobile casino apps that are now becoming legal and regulated across states, and enable you to have your own private casino on your mobile device. It is legal, it is exciting, and it is magic.


For many, slot machines are the most thrilling part of the casino. The lights, animation, sounds and action take you into another dream world, where you can win huge prizes, jackpots, bonus rounds and what not. The Mobile slot apps that are now available in the US provide the world’s premier slots, all made regulated and fully compliant with the US regulations and laws. So you can safely and securely download the slots mobile app to your mobile device (where it is legal to do so), and have the most amazing slot game experience coming to life on your mobile phone. Are you into progressive slots where you get a chance at winning an amazing jackpot, or perhaps you are into an animated video slot that has branded content with your favourite movie, TV or music stars? All of these amazing titles are just a swipe away, all available on your mobile phone by downloading the mobile slot game app.     


A lot has changed since the first games of poker were played along the Mississippi River in the 1800s, with Poker becoming a worldwide phenomenon, crossing the boundaries of a card game and considered by many a sport, with tournaments, leagues and champions. Being a game with friends or a professional tournament, the online revolution turned poker to be a game that is played and followed by billions all over the world. And then the latest stage of the poker uprising which is the mobile poker apps, which enable you to access any kind of level, tournament and game from your mobile phone, no matter where you are in the world, and what time it is, you can join in the poker fun and excitement and play against other poker enthusiasts like you around the globe. Poker is now coming home again, and becoming legal to play remotely state after state in the USA also. So now Americans can already download a safe and legal mobile.