PointsBet Website and App Review

26 August 2019

PointsBet App Review

PointsBet Sportsbook is one of the newest entrants to the New Jersey regulated market, and is another example of an experienced operator that has established itself outside of the US and now brings the experience and innovation to the American sports betting market.

PointsBet is a partnership of an Australian sportsbook that operates globally and the American Meadowlands Racetrack from New Jersey.  Whereas this marriage brings to the sports betting punter the inside and expertise of horse racing in America, it is also bringing from the Australian side the sports betting platform that is based on Points Betting.

Pointsbet Loyalty Program

Points Betting (or commonly known as Spread Betting) is very different than fixed-odds betting, where the PointsBet sports betting app enables the punter to place bets that are based on points of performance (for example, betting $5 on every point soccer team A scores against soccer team B).

So what makes it all the more exciting in the PointsBet sports betting app is that a punter will not know the actual outcome of bets until the game is over.

Still, it is important for sports betting punters, especially the inexperienced ones to understand the Points Betting system and logic before placing large bets, as it is a high-volatility type of betting, and although potentially offering big winnings, losses can significant as well if not managing the bets properly.

PointsBet Sports Markets

Most of the major sports markets are covered in the PointsBet sports betting app, such as Basketball, American Football, Hockey, Golf, Soccer and more.  The most popular American sports leagues are covered of course by Points Bet, with NFL, NBA, NHL and so on.

Other interesting sports and leagues such as UFC Martial Arts, Boxing and over a hundred markets on Soccer matches.  Less popular sports however will be a bit more difficult to find on the PointsBet sports betting app.

Betting Selections

As written above, the Points Betting system is one of the highlights on the PointsBet sports betting app, and makes this app all the more exciting compared to other sports betting app in the market.

In addition, there are many more options for punters on which type of bets to place on the PointsBet sports betting app.  Point Spreads, which the American punters love are available on nearly all events, often with better odds than the competition.  The PointsBet sports betting app also offers Moneyline Betting on all the events this sportsbook has to offer.

PointsBet also offers its punters more exciting ways to bet such as Parlays, Prop bets (PointsBet are one of the bigger, if not biggest for Prop betting on NFL and NBA markets), Over/Under and more.

Some markets are not available for some types of bets however, and sadly PointsBet doesn’t offer Teasers.

Promotions and Loyalty

The PointsBet sports betting app provides great promotions, punters can enjoy both standalone promotions for certain games and events, and also ongoing promotions (for example specific Moneyline promos for the NHL or English Premier League, that provide better terms and earlier payouts).

The PointsBet loyalty program enables you to collect points on wagers, and what’s great is that punters earn points whether they win or lose.

Final Thoughts

Perhaps not all sports markets and leagues are covered in depth to every little event.  Still, the PointsBet sports betting app is one of the most innovative, slick apps in the American sports betting market, and provides punters with the opportunity to win big, whilst placing the most exciting types of betting available.

We Liked:

  • The ability to rake big winnings with Points Betting.
  • Competitive odds and offers.
  • Great ongoing promotions.

Things to Consider:

  • Limited sports markets.
  • No Teasers – which are a favourite for many American punters.
  • Aside the potential high rewards – also high risk of loss for unexperienced/uneducated punters.

Pointsbet Loyalty Program

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