FoxBet Sports Betting App Review

27 June 2019

The First Media Sports Company

Although a relatively new player to the sports betting scene, FoxBet is certainly no ‘start-up’ in the online gaming world.

Proudly brought to you by the same people who brought you PokerStars, there is a lot to like about what the Betstars team has brought to bear.

$500 in free bets!

Now when you are talking about compelling sign-up deals, BetStars has just that. Designed to get you started and keep you betting, the promotion provides a free bet to match your first deposit up to $50..

However, where it becomes a little more compelling, is that every $150 wager after that you are handed $50 free bet up to a total of $500.

Now if you like a little bit of a punt – as we do – that is certainly a great incentive to deposit a few more funds into FoxBet sports betting up to keep you moving around the site.

What about the deposits and withdrawals at FoxBet? 

Again, coming off the back of the systems and processes that are world class from their PokerStars platform, BetStars has all the payment methods you could want – and more.

From Visa, MasterCard, and eWallet, through to PayNearMe, through 7Eleven stores or your PokerStars Play+ card, there are little left in terms of excuses to getting your funds ready for a bet.

What are the pros and cons of the new FoxBet sports betting app?

Like all online sports betting apps, there are pros and cons, good and bad elements, features and functionality that can make or break your online betting experience.

When it comes to the FoxBet sports betting app, a few small things – largely in part due to how new the platform is, such as email only contact support – whereas most other sites have instant chat 24/7 or contact center access.

In addition, there is no web client for desktop assess. However, these are key points we know will be corrected in the not too distant future.

Meanwhile, the fact that the FoxBet sports betting website & sports betting mobile app has been created by the same people who brought us PokerStars is a big deal. Their large number of promotions, in-play betting on a massive number of sports from all over the US and around the world, really puts the site on the map.

In addition, having early cash out option – which we love – adds another dynamic element to your sports betting experience. Being able to cash out, hedge your bet when you are in-play although not exclusively a feature

Let’s take a look at the mobile app

There is no question that our lives are driven by our mobile phones these days. From checking the bank through to getting a date. When it comes to online sports betting, it should be no different.

With both iOS and Android app – which should be a given mind you – no punter is left behind when it comes to downloading the FoxBet sports betting app.

With in-play betting covering a massive number of sports and providing a huge number of options and features – such as a in-play stats and even who has the ball! – there is a lot to like here.

With simple navigation around the site, and clear lists of the next race or sport to jump, the FoxBet sports betting mobile all is certainly one you will enjoy.

What sports are available? 

Although the USA site only launched in 2018, the FoxBet brand has been around global markets such as Europe for some time.

As such, there is a huge selection of sports in the FoxBet sports betting app. From all the major soccer leagues through the Aussie Rules football from Australia,beach soccer – if it’s there to be bet on, you should be able to find it here. 

What are our final thoughts in review of the FoxBet sports betting app?

Being a relatively new sports betting app in the US market, there is a lot to like about the FoxBet site. Geared to leverage their huge success in PokerStars, there is no doubt the FoxBet sports betting app has the back end support and infrastructure behind it to become a great app here.

There were a few small drawbacks, such as not offering a browser based sports-book, nor being able to place bets on the desktop – they really have featured primarily on the mobile apps.

However their sites around the world, suggest that will be an option in the US shortly, and the platform will grow exponentially here.

With great in-play options, huge bonuses and a very user friendly platform, the FoxBet sports betting app is one to watch.

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