DraftKings Sport Betting App Review

01 July 2019

DraftKings Sports Book Review

About DraftKings

DraftKings launched in Boston in 2012, as a Daily Fantasy Sports operator in the US, and then expanded further to Europe.  Enjoying the huge popularity of fantasy sports, Draftkings became the biggest in its field, with sponsorships of many sports events, promotions and basically becoming a household name around the world for sports betting and fantasy sports.  Draftkings is offers fantasy sports, as well as conventional sports betting and is licensed in Canada, UK, Malta, Germany, Ireland, Austria and since last year Australia.

Draftkings Sports Book Review

DraftKings Sports Betting

With over 9 million players worldwide, over $5billion paid out, Sportsbook by DraftKings was originally based on a fantasy sports platform and has since morphed into an online betting platform. The app offers live casino games such as Blackjack, slots, roulette, poker, and live dealer games that are now conveniently available right in the DraftKings Sportsbook app!

Partnering with world sporting heavyweights such as Nascar, Liverpool in the EPL, Golden State Warriors, the New York Rangers and the New England Patriots, and with NBA legend Charles Barkley as their poster-boy, Sportsbook is here to stay.

With its Australian headquarters located in Darwin, Australia, DraftKings made a commitment to cater and offer state-of-the-art products that are tailor made for the Australian sports betting market.  DraftKings provides generous incentives that enable both new and existing Australian sports betting punters to get involved and place their bets on Australian and world top sports.  For example, a fantastic 100% deposit bonus of up to $200 offered to punters.

The DraftKings Sports Betting App

The DraftKings sports betting app was launched officially when the Australian Northern Territory Racing & Gaming Commission granted their licence to offer daily fantasy sports and much more. Since then, the betting app has become a popular choice for punters across Australia.

After forging their success in the Fantasy Sports, DraftKings expanded into sports betting and thus released its Sports betting app.  As part of its strategic expansion, DraftKings went into the Australian market in 2018, and brought to the Australian sports betting market one of the most exciting offerings of global sports betting.

Providing a truly ‘top of class’ sports betting app, DraftKings in Australia provides all the necessary information Australian sportsbook punters need is made available through their mobile device.

Cash Out Known as one of the pioneers of ‘cash out’ before the game was finished, DraftKings have long been an innovator and in 2019 is set to pay out over $1billion.

Betting Carousel – There are tons of bets available on the DraftKings sports betting app in Australia, so the Draftkings app guys came up with a great feature, where a carousel presents suggested bets based on the Australian sports betting punter’s specific preferences, betting history, and also past Sports Fantasy bets.

User-Friendly Language – The world of sports betting is fascinating, but for new punters betting in Australia things may be a bit complicated, especially understanding the lingo and terms.  In their sports betting app for the Australian market, DraftKings did a great job simplifying terms and language, making it simple for anyone to place bets and have a great time, let alone win money.

A Universe of Bets to Choose from –Because DraftKings is such a big, global and diverse sports betting and Fantasy Sports operator, there’s almost any time of bet you can imagine available on their sports betting app.  Point spreads, moneylines, in-play betting, proposition bets and so many more.  If it’s a sports betting offering, the Australian DraftKings sports betting app probably has it on offer.

Link Sports Fantasy and Betting Accounts – Are you a sports-fantasy punter that wants to get into betting? Or possibly a sports-betting punter that wants to experience Sports Fantasy? DraftKings enables you to link and use the same account and wallet, so you can easily get introduced to another exciting world of possibilities – and literally enjoy the best of both worlds.

Transfer and Use Winnings – DraftKings enables Australian sports betting punters to use their winnings or funds across Fantasy Sports, sports betting and live casino games through their unique – single wallet platform –  there is little downtime in the opportunity for punters to make a bet or be involved in a game.

Help and Tutorials –One of the key features of DraftKings sports betting app is that it provides a range of videos and tutorials to help Australian sports betting punters learn their way around the sports betting app, not to mention capitalise upon the wide range of opportunities they have to make a profit.

Offering incentives to new punters such as large welcome bonuses, fast & reliable payouts and 3-point check verification, it is very hard to find a negative Sportsbook review on any forum or platform in relation to their user experience, the ease of the app and the sports better app as a whole.


The DraftKings sports betting app offers great incentives to punters such as large welcome bonuses, fast & reliable payouts and 3-point check verification, a great interface and much more.  It is hard to find a negative review about the DraftKings app on any forum or platform.

We Loved:

  • Innovative interface and navigation, that really takes mobile betting to a whole new level.
  • Seamless crossover between fantasy sports and sports betting.
  • Tremendous amount of bet types, way above the rest.
  • Very attractive promotions.

To be Improved:

  • Relatively higher fees and commissions (“Vigorish”) charged on winning bets.
  • Not too specialised on Australian sports.
  • Sometimes too many complex options for a punter to choose from (“more is less”). 

Draftkings Sports Book Review


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